1889: The year Hitler was born, looks Bogus.

This will be a start of a series. I will investigate people born in 1889. I will endeavour to find out how the people/characters born in 1889, affected the 20th Century. And in particular, World War II.

To start with 89 is a FIBONACCI NUMBER.

And 1889 is the 290th Prime Number.

Vaslav Nijinsky (the schizophrenic ballet dancer:’God of Dance’) was born 12 March, 1889. Died: 8 April, 1950

Charlie Chaplin was born: 16 April, 1889. Died: 25 December, 1977. (Christmas Day)

Adolf Hitler was born: 20 April, 1889. Died: 30 April 1945.

Ludwig Wittgenstein was born 26 April, 1889. Died: 29 April, 1951.

The Eiffel TOWER was opened: 5 May, 1889. (Marking the 100 anniversary of the 1789, French Revolution.)

Jean Cocteau (the artist/poet) was born: 5 June 1889. Died: 11 October, 1963.

Martin Heidegger was born: 26 September, 1889. Died: 26 May, 1976.

Edwin Hubble was born: 20 November, 1889. Died 28 September, 1953.

I am investigating to see whether World War II was reaL

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