The Myth of Coca-Cola.

On 8 May, 1886, Coca-Cola goes on sale for the first time as a tonic during the temperance movement.

The 8 May, 1945; (59 years after Coke’s 1st sale) was V-DAY: Victory in Europe, in World War II.

The 8 May, 1945 was Harry Truman’s birthday, his first as President of the U.S.A.

”In 1941, R. W. WOODRUFF decided to make Coca-Cola available to all U.S. service men and women, wherever they were, whatever the cost.”

This included “jungle units”!!

According to Coca-cola 5 billion bottles of Coke were distributed during the war (WWII).


People, don’t believe that Abraham Lincoln existed. Why should people, believe a guy called John Pemberton, existed. Pemberton supposedly was slashed in the American Civil War, and developed Coca-Coke.

More on this soon.

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