Light-lamp may cause Mystical Experiences.

Today, I had my second experience on the Roxiva.

I choose this day, because it was the day of a full-blood Moon, Eclipse.

The first section went for about 4 minutes, followed by a 20 minute session.

It was at a higher level, than my first go, on the lamp.

My closed eyes saw flashing light. I was on an intensity of about 100. Some people cannot handle the light intensity, at this level. The machine goes to around a 200 light intensity.

There are head-phones with sound tracks. On my track I heard: ”Screaming at the top of my” followed by “Trying to remember”

I thing I was trying to remember my true self.

It was fascinating and peaceful.

Here is a rare example of what the Roxiva is like:

You might want to check out: Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer’s; YouTube Channel and: “AAvfx”‘s channel, too.

My mind was interrupting, the sound of the music.

Not everyone experiences these audible imaginings.

Hoping to purchase a machine, and charge clients to experience it.

Want to increase the intensity of my dreams and creativity.

Three days ago, I purchased: “DREAMS OF LIGHT: The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming, by Andrew Holecek” from a book-shop by the St-Kilda beach.

The same day, as my first experience of the Roxiva.

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