Is there any Sync in the 40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ?


TRIZ is “a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of invention in the global patent literature”. TRIZ is also known as Systematic Innovation.

Genrich Altshuller was the Russian author of the TRIZ idea. In 1984, Lev Shulyak, co-translator of his book, taught the first U.S. TRIZ course. Altshuller gives 40 inventive principles for people to use TRIZ in their thinking and problem solving. Let’s look at some numbered principles:

Principle 11: Cushion in Advance

Principle 13: The Other Way Round

Principle 17: Another Dimension

Principle 21: Rushing Through

Principle 23: Feedback

Principle 24: Intermediary

Principle 33: Uniform Material

Principle 4: ASYMMETRY

Change the shape of an object from symmetrical to asymmetrical

Change the shape of an object to suit external asymmetries

If an object is asymmetrical, make it more asymmetrical.

Principle 5: MERGING

Join objects or operations together

Join parallel operations in time