I “BEDEVILLED” a Sex-cult.

(Needs New Pictures) The day was 24th of May, 2021. It was Queen Victoria’s 202nd year anniversary, since the day of her birth. That was in 1819.

Incidentally, the 24th of May, is the Feast Day of HERMES Trismegistus: (Ἑρμῆς ὁ Τρισμέγιστος), “thrice-greatest Hermes”.

This may make more sense, soon.

I arranged to go for a 3rd Indoor Sky Diving lesson.

This time, like the last time, I decided to try a little magick.


On the way to the Sky Diving lesson, I found 2 cards on the ground. They was near Flinders Railway Station, in the city of Melbourne.

I lost the other similar card. But this is a Devil type business-card.

Looking back, this reminds me of Crowley’s Devil Tarot Card. The card’s number is 15.

What does the Devil card mean?

According to Tarotx.net: To the Greeks – the card’s depiction- was Pan, the son of HERMES, the lustful plant God.

Remember today was the Feast Day of HERMES Trismegistus.

The Devil‘s instinct is: “Dark magic, ritualized sexual activity, the transformation of the self through group rituals.”

But also of “Awareness of a complete and authentic self. Lucifer plays the role of bringing light.”


Outside the Indoor Skydiving Centre, in Essendon Fields, I saw advertising for ‘MODERN LIGHTS’.

(I saw this as one of many messages, that I should buy the Roxiva. The new psychedelic lamp, out on the internet.)

I decided to write my wish on the card.

I then went flying.

(Has anyone, else, thought of doing this type of magick?)

You can see what I wrote. The word ‘young’ was added, moments after writing it. I didn’t want to get any surprises in my manifestation.

If you are a young, beautiful woman, living in Melbourne, please contact me.

I plan on having unusual mind-&-consciousness-expanding sessions with groups of young, intelligent, woman.

Oh. I forgot the word, Intelligent. Oh, well.

The next step, maybe to create my own Meet-up Group.

Let’s see what the future has for me.

Praise KEK.

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