Finding the White Rabbit.

Today, I found the white rabbit near Leopold St, while on my daily walk. I had been searching for Alice in Wonderland syncs last night. (I don’t remember seeing it before, though I could be wrong. The paint work suggests it’s new, and it doesn’t have tags or graffiti.) It was on the wall of a shop dealing with antique clocks! The watch says: five o’clock.

White Rabbit on side wall of Clockcraft.
Clockcraft: clocks and repairs:

Leopold Street is virtually directly across from Milsims games store. Milsims stands for Military Similuation.

Leopold Street is most likely named after Queen Victoria’s son Prince Leopold. Leopold supposedly had a relationship with Alice Pleasance Liddell, (May 4, 1852/ (May the force be with you/Star Wars day)-November 16, 1934) , and nearly married. Alice, was the girl Carroll Lewis wrote to and about in Alice in Wonderland.

Milsims Games address number is 369-371. Clockcraft‘s address number, which is on a different street; is 693. Same numbers, different order.

Found this”CRAZY” tag on the 12/October/2020. It was cleaned up two days later!

I looked up people and events for this day (8/October/2020) and found this: Ernst Kretschmer (8 October 1888 – 8 February 1964) was a German psychiatrist who researched the human constitution and established a typology for the mentally ill. Apparently; among the schizophrenics the asthenico (thin, small, weak); and the athletic types are very prevalent.

Being thin, I need to build up my muscles. Best to avoid sarcopenia-muscle wasting.