The inconceivable story of Charles Darwin!

On the 11/11/1838, Charles Darwin proposes to his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood. “The day of days,” he writes. ( 80 years later, on the 11/11/1918, World War One would end.)

They married, 80 days later, on the 29/1/1839. Darwin’s 30th birthday, would have been two weeks later, on the 12/2/1839. (The Chinese Year of the Dog ended, on the 14/2/1839.)

Darwin supposedly wrote that a wife: “would be better than a dog, anyhow.”

Charles voyaged on the HMS Beagle, named after a type of dog. The Beagle, originally carried, 10 cannons. (The 10 cannons, equal to Darwin’s 10 children.)  The ship was launched, just over 200 years ago, on 11 May 1820.

Presiding over their marriage was the local vicar: John Allen Wedgwood, another cousin!

This is Wiki’s account:

William Erasmus27 December 1839 –8 September 1914
Anne Elizabeth2 March 1841 –23 April 1851
Mary Eleanor23 September 1842 –16 October 1842
Henrietta Emma25 September 1843 –17 December 1927
George Howard9 July 1845 –7 December 1912
Elizabeth8 July 1847 –8 June 1926
Francis16 August 1848 –19 September 1925
Leonard15 January 1850 –26 March 1943
Horace13 May 1851 –29 September 1928
Charles6 December 1856 –28 June 1858

Emma Wedgwood was born: 2 May, 1808. Charles Darwin was born: 12 February, 1809. Darwin was born 6888 hours, or 287 days, or 41 weeks after his wife, Emma Wedgwood!! In the modern era, this is the time when induction of a pregnancy is recommended.

Another way to say, give birth, after 41 weeks is: 9 months and 11 days. Is this related to the emergency phone number: 911 in the United States. Apparently not.

In 1856, Emma Darwin had her youngest child, Charles. She was 48 years old!! She had Horace; at 43 years old! Leonard; very close to age 42! Francis; at 40 years old. That’s 4 babies being born in her forties! Elizabeth; at 39 years old. George Howard; at 37 years old. Henrietta Emma; at 35 years old. Mary Eleanor; at 34 years old. Anne Elizabeth; at 33 years old. And their first child William Erasmus; at 31 years old.

Charles Darwin was about one year younger, than Emma.

Ten children born in total. That’s a lot of sex Charles would have been performing. And remember they were first cousins, and Charles Darwin himself was the son of two cousins!

Charles Darwin’s oldest child/son, William Erasmus, was born on the 27/12/1839. Eight years earlier, Charles Darwin, eventually, set sail on the HMS Beagle on the 27/12/1831.

Charles Darwin’s youngest child/son, Charles Waring Darwin, died on the 28th of June 1858. He was 18 months old. The child was named after Charles Darwin’s father – Robert Waring Darwin – who died, nearly 10 years earlier, in 1848. The name: Waring, is similar to the word: war.

Charles Waring Darwin death, would be close to 20 years after his marriage to Emma, in 1838. It would mark the 3rd death of one of his children.

His death, on the 28th of June, marked the Feast day of Saint Vitus. Vitus is considered the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and epileptics.

Was Charles Darwin an actor?

St Vitus day is significant, because it was the day that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie (which name means Wisdom) were assassinated. This was the spark for World War 1. Vexman goes further in his two blogs: WAS GAVRILO PRINCIP AN AGENT? saying there was a “lack of serious evidence to support (sic) official narrative of this alleged assassination”.

Charles Darwin proposed to Emma on the 11/11/1838. 80 years to the day, when World War 1 ended. 11/11/1918 is known as: Remembrance Day. Darwin wrote that his proposal was “The day of days,” . A day that he would remember.

Three days after Charles Waring Darwin death, a composite paper was “read”. It was on how natural selection accounts for the evolution, and the variety of species. It was supposedly by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace:

“Charles Darwin finally went public with his theory of evolution by means of Natural Selection on 1st July 1858. His friends Joseph Dalton Hooker and Charles Lyell had arranged for a hastily compiled paper to be read at the Linnean Society of London. The death of his infant son three days earlier prevented Darwin from attending.” (

Alfred Wallace would be away from 1854 to 1862, travelling through the Malay Archipelago or East Indies (now known as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia). This resulted in him missing out on the 1st of July,1858 Linnean Society reading and the 30 June 1860, Oxford debate between Thomas Huxley and Archbishop Wilberforce,

Charles Darwin did not attend these two major historical events.

Why did Darwin not attend the 30 June, 1860; Oxford debate? Nearly two years; to the day, from the Linnean Society reading.

My guess, is that Charles Darwin ( & Alfred Wallace) did not exist. This is why they did not attend the Linnean Society reading and the Oxford debate. The death of 18 month old, Charles Waring Darwin, 3 days before Linnean Society reading, is suspect due to the timing. Darwin used it as an excuse for not attending the Linnean Society reading. The date of St Vitus day is suspicious. His wife’s (Emma’s) 10 children; four in her forties is highly unlikely. The last child, Charles Waring Darwin, was delivered at the age of 48. It all verges on being inconceivable!