Did a dandy like Benjamin Disraeli, really become Prime Minister; twice?


“I believe that nothing in newspapers is ever true,” said Madame Phoebus. “And that is why they are so popular,” added Euphrosyne; “the taste of the age being so decidedly for fiction.”
― Benjamin Disraeli, Lothair

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”― Benjamin Disraeli.

Disraeli, photographed by
 Cornelius Jabez Hughes in 1878

According to Julia Baird (Victoria; The Queen 2016: p375) “Benjamin Disraeli was an unlikely prime minister. He dressed like a dandy in lurid velvet suits, with rings over his gloves and a curl in the middle of his forehead”.William Kuhn (The Politics of Pleasure: A Portrait of Benjamin Disrael, 2007) goes further, saying Disraeli was a friend of Oscar Wilde and was gay too.

Baird also says that “Disraeli remains Britian’s only prime minister of Jewish descent”. I am sure Miles Mathis, would says most prime ministers were secretly Jewish.

And “In between his two stints as prime minister, he wrote a bestselling novel, Lothair- his sixteenth” He would eventually write 18 novels!!