3D Animation Company’s name: DAZ; found under The White Rabbit’s foot.


The first day after the 111 day lock-down in Melbourne, I found this name written in the concrete. “DAZ”. It is under the lucky White’s Rabbit’s foot. For the past week or so, I have been going to see the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and holding my hand against it’s foot. Reason. For more good luck; and possibly a more bizarre life.

I have an elementary level of mandarin. This resulted in my mind trying to make connections; as “Da” is a very common word in Chinese, pinyin. It means big. “Da” & “Z”? I like it, but probably meaningless. “Zu” in mandarin means foot. So maybe “Da Zu”. Big foot. The rabbit does have a big foot.

Maybe you think, this is all “Wu”. Wu means 5 in mandarin. The Rabbit’s pocket-watch is on 5 o clock. Yes, it’s all Wu. Woo woo!


This is what I found when I search for Daz and rabbit/alice. Daz3D (www.daz3d.com) is a 3D animation company. It’s front page says: “Create Your Own 3D Universe.” Wow! (Do you see a connection with the Milsim – military simulation – games shop on my from page?) There is a free version of Daz3D. I want to check this out further.

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