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10o Crazy Ones

On the 3 August 1997, Apple released it’s Think Different, ad. It happens to have 100 words! (101 words if you count ‘status quo’ as two words). Steven Paul Jobs, (24 February, 1955) was 42 years old. Here’s, the original; a backwards, and cut-up version: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The […]

Do Faraday-cages promote creativity?

(WORK IN PROCESS) In November, 2018; I turned my bedroom into a quasi Faraday-cage. I, along with Tristan from Geovital painted by bedroom with a black graphene paint, put in a special mesh under the carpet. Later I hang up special curtains. Early April 2020 was when I began to see the world in a […]