Cracking the “TOTAL RECALL” code.

(Needs Video & Pictures) I have been studying Queen Victoria, for a number of months

I believe that Queen Victoria, and her entire era, to likely be, non-exintent. To paraphrase Quaid; a dream!

In my research on Queen Victoria, I came across a figure called: Baron von Stockmar e.g. Dr Stockmar.

Dr Stockmar is similar to Dr Edgemar in Total Recall.

Dr Stockmar was the physician and advisor to Victoria’s uncle, Prince Leopold. Later Leopold became King of Belgium. Wikipedia seems to suggest that Leopold of Belgium was the first King of Oldenburg. The picture/poster in Quaid’s room (is it the Hilton?) when Edgemar knocks on his door, is called Oldenburg!!

Stockmar was influential in promoting the marriage of Leopold’s nephew, Prince Albert, to Leopold’s niece, Queen Victoria.

Stockmar’s “involvement in English politics was often seen as German interference in English matters. While in Germany he was regarded as an English spy.” ( Volumes by Stockmar’s son; Ernst Alfred Christian Stockmar.

Do you recall the, SPY motif, in Total Recall?

Due to my research on Queen Victoria, when I see the name: QUAID, i see Queen’s AID.

QUAID is also Urdu for “leader”. (Wiki)

Queen Victoria supposedly learnt to speak and write some Urdu from her Indian tutor. According to recent accounts of her life, her tutor was also her “lover”.

When Leopold I of Belgium’s (Oldenburg) wife died, he took Caroline Bauer (also known as”Lina Bauer”) as his mistress.

Leopold’s mistress “Lina was Dr Stockmar’s cousin. (Apparently; Leopold’s two woman bore a striking resemblance.)

(Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were also cousins. They were born 3 months and 2 days apart. And if I recall correctly, by the same mid-wife! Victoria being born in England, and Albert being born in Germany.)

Quaid’s mistress/lover is a woman called Melina. Similar to Leopold’s mistress: Lina. See Wiki.

P.S. See the date John le Bon’s published this article. Queen Victoria was born on the 24th of May 1819!! Which happens to be the 144th day of the year. 144 is a Fibonacci number. As of late, I am looking out for Fibonacci numbers.

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