9/11. No Planes, No Explosives!

(A rough outline, of my crazy thought-experiment) Some peculiar people say we live in a dream or a computer-generated simulation.

Some skeptics and conspiracy theorists have argued, rightly, that no planes flew into the World Trade Center’s, Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

I haved researched my own topics like: historical figures from 19th Century, Melbourne’s unbelievable rapid rise as a major 19th century city in the world (which started in 1835), and World War II.

This research has persuaded me, that ancient structures: like Egypt’s 118 pyramids; are a dream or simulation.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s, French army, certainly didn’t build these pyramids or create the Rosetta Stone.

Victorian buildings, like London’s Crystal Palace, were not built in 9 months, for the 1851 Exhibition. It‘s just a story. Another dream.

And cities, like Melbourne, (and I suspect Cairo, too) were created by a computer, or dreamed up in our dreams/mind/consciousness.

World War II, suggests to me, that in a similar fashion, building and cities were destroyed. Like in a dream.

It is only, a short step, to questioning, whether there really were explosives used to bring down the World Trade Center Buildings.

Some people have said the 2 planes flying into the Twin Towers was “surreal”. Much like a ”movie”.

Though, I have not heard, anyone, make the suggestion or statement, that 9/11 was a dream.

There is a traditional Zen saying that goes:

First there is a mountain,

Then there is no mountain,

Then there is.

Replace the word ‘mountain’ and change it to ‘plane’ or even ‘explosives’.

I am not sure, if anyone, has really, reached the stages of the last sentence.

I should give a definition of what I mean by dream and simulation.

(Please give me some time on this one)

I have a number of questions:

If the planes were ”faked” on 9/11; is it possible that the plumes of smoke and the people running away was also faked?

Were there people outside the World Trade Buildings, when they started to fall?

If there were explosives, did anyone hear the explosion/s?

Where were the explosives, placed in the World Trade Centre Buildings?

Who put the explosives in the World Trade Centre Building?

To the point: News footage showed one Trade Tower still standing. The reporter announces both towers were hit. Only one tower was hit.

I think that was the story.

I believe that this was really, a dream.

The news report, blunder, was meant to wake people up!

Life is a dream.

Why not Live Life like it was/is a dream.

That is what I am trying to do.

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